Research Application Evaluation Clara Bersch

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PhD Student

technology & psychology

Working at the Max Planck Insitute in Berlin
| Center for Humans and Machines

Research Focus

With expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, and Neuroscience, I explore the fundamental underpinnings around human sentience and cognition and how to make machines learn. I'm interested in the psychological and social impact of artificial systems, and use this knowledge to inform AI design.


  • Concept Learning in Humans and Machines
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Digital Companions
  • AI for Civic Engagement
  • Explainability
  • Blockchain
  • Complex Systems

Tools I use

  • Machine Learning
  • Experience Sampling
  • NLP and Chatbot Frameworks
  • Multilevel Analysis



About me


passion & profession




  • Clara N. Bersch,
    PhD Student


  • Studies:
    Psychology B.Sc. in Düsseldorf and Psychology M.Sc. in Cologne with studies abroad in England and the United States.
    Finishing my Computer Science B.Sc. alongside my PhD. Calling myself a tech lover.

  • Skills:
    Python, R, Java, JavaScript, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Flutter, Dart, Node.js, PHP, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro

  • Passion:
    AI Explainability think tank Berlin



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AI Companions

The use of AI in digital technology is leading to profound socio-technical transformation. Besides plain recommender systems, AI digital advisors can increasingly have natural conversations and form relationships with users. With the possibilities to generate complex user profiles, they may become an integral part of daily decision making and behavior. I take a step towards reliably quantifying the impact of digital advisors and companions on the user and society to provide a basis for how artificial advisory systems need to be designed in order to support - rather than harm - the user and society. I aim to identify possibilities to extend their capabilities e.g. through long-term memory and to make them more transparent and hence, more trustworthy e.g. through neuro-symbolic integration.

AI & Smallholder Farming

Within a GIZ and SDG funded project called "AgriPath" we utilize smart technologies to bring personalized, context-relevant solutions for sustainable agriculture directly to farmers’ smartphones. We develop and test tools together with local farmers and developers to serve the conditions met in rural areas as model predictions and recommendations need to translate into results that farmers of all literacy levels can use to make better decisions about their crops. A special focus lies on how to introduce bottom-up knowledge generation and sharing through digital pathways.
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